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ravebird is an Indigenous and Female-owned video production company transforming the process of filmmaking to create authentic narratives that portray all people with dignity.

Bravebird co-founder and director Alejandro Miranda Cruz witnessed the lack of equity and diversity in front of and behind the camera during 15 years working in Hollywood, first as an actor in films and TV shows including The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Walker Texas Ranger, and then behind the scenes for a major studio in creative development. Co-founder and executive producer Noel Miranda partners with clients across industries to produce original content and has a background in the nonprofit sector.

Cinema Dignité

There is high demand for narratives that depict the rich diversity of the ever-changing demographics in the U.S. Bravebird is pioneering a new wave of high-quality filmmaking to holistically depict the humanity of all people and empower communities. We develop and produce impactful, meaningful, and memorable stories with an equitable lens at every step of the storytelling process. Bravebird is also creating a “farm system” to build a pipeline of untapped BIPOC creatives and eventually deploy them on commercial projects.

Cinema Dignité
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